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External Windows 8 NON-PRO OEM 64 Bit For System Builders - Judas
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10 rating from 1 vote(s).
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Added 31-05-2013 13:14 - (Last peer action: Today 19:01)
Type Applications / Win
Size 3.34 GB in 3 file(s)
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Uploader [Anonymous]
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Pre-Time Pre Release Time: 30-05-2013 19:00
Uploaded: 18 Hours, 14 Minutes, 12 Seconds after Pre
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Details for torrent " Windows 8 NON-PRO OEM 64 Bit For System Builders - Judas "
A direct DVD Image ISO of the System Builders Microsoft Windows 8 64 Bit OEM.

Nothing modded, Nothing hacked, NO ACTIVATOR, no cd key, nothing but a genuine copy of the original Windows 8 DVD.

This is NOT the pro version.

I am providing this specifically for those that already have a genuine NON PRO copy of windows 8, be it a key directly installed in the machine such as a dell, acer, asus, hp, gateway, toshiba, sony, compaq, emachine, etc. or if they have a valid windows 8 CD Key.

Most if not all of the WINDOWS ISO uploads i see are usually all the pro version and majority of them appear to be hacked/modded or even activated already.

This is STRICTLY intended for Genuine Legitimate Windows 8 owners/users.

If you do not have a pre-installed key, this ISO will request a CD-KEY to continue installation.

DO NOT REQUEST A CD KEY FROM ME, i will not provide you with one.

Additionally if you happen to have a 32bit version of Windows 8 on a 64bit compatible system, the key is transferable making the installation of 64bit Windows 8 easy without issue.

ISO will burn to DVD via windows 7 or windows 8 Burn Image option built into windows itself. Alternatively various burning programs that read ISO should burn it without issue.

To you 1080p folk, don't worry, just throwing this up for the few people I know have been waiting for it.

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